Chapter 447: Bloody Night

Chapter 447: Bloody Night


The night gradually arrived.

They achieved an astonishing feat of defeating the Black Snake Team and Champion Sword Team consecutively.

Meanwhile, as Chris’s arcane particle replenished, no arcane team dared to make an appearance.

Within the darkness, Moss’s arcane particles constantly blasted onto the Peacock Metal. Some particles separated from the Peacock Metal. Those particles did not seem colorful under the strong sunlight, but the originally blue particles released a bewitching jade glow in darkness.

Jade glow shone brightly before Moss. The blue dot at the center looked like a peacock opening its tail.

“Peacock Metal!”

“Moss is holding Peacock Metal. He’s using arcane particles to fuse with Peacock Metal and integrate into his materialized weapon!”

Like a pack of wolves suddenly discovering a bloody lamb in the dark night, every lurking arcane team became feverish!

“Is it the loot from those unlucky Champion Sword Team members? They actually did not get the chance to use such a treasure, and ended up gifting to others. Great.........

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