Chapter 445: How to Die

Chapter 445: How to Die


Black Snake Shield trembled all of a sudden.

His body floated up and one shield rapidly shielded the bottom of his feet.


Several red trails drilled out from the soil beneath his feet and hit the shield. In the loud screeching sound, the shield was smoking and showed large areas of corrosion.

Black Snake Shield looked as if he was on fire and rapidly retreated back.

Belo’s face was immediately covered in blood tattoos, as if he was wearing a menacing mask.

His wrists were slit by his fingernails. Two streaks of blood flew out like two red ribbons.

“Even before the Era of the War with Dragons, only the highest ranked beastman tribes have such bloodline ability. He has actually evolved to this extent, to even be able to corrode the Snake weapons!” In the bush far away, Manguu, the biggest amongst the three arcane masters wearing silver robes, spoke with a serious expression.

“But this method of constantly using blood to fight should not last long. It was said that during the War with Dragons, the reason the beastman...

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