Chapter 444: Burn! Bat!

Chapter 444: Burn! Bat!



The majority of those hiding arcane masters could not even see what happened. Another black-robed arcane master flew back from a loud explosion while his chest area was burning.

Only at the next moment, Moss, holding the Berserk God’s Returning Scorched Sun, showed up.

“What a charging speed! What kind of arcane skill can allow him to reach such a charging speed!?”

“It’s the same as the information we got. The charging speed of this red-haired kid is too fast to react. If we are to face him, we need to deploy defensive arcane skills......”

In that instant, the difference in response between those who obtained information regarding the Holy Dawn Academy team and those who did not was shown.

Losing two members in an instant, the remaining three black-robed arcane masters were horrified.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Three screeching sounds of rapid arcane energy gathering rang out at the same time.

One of the black-robed...

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