Chapter 443: The Slaughter Begins

Chapter 443: The Slaughter Begins


“If we enter the Eternal Winter Forest like this and encounter that man, we won’t even have the chance to escape.” Belo sat down on the military-use ground sheet. The excitement in his eyes from the travelling slowly extinguished.

“That man? Could it be that Belo knows what kind of opponent we will face in the Eternal Winter Forest? Is that the reason Teacher Liszt made him team with us?” Moss was taken aback.

“Are you preparing to get stronger through continuously fighting here?” Chris realized Belo’s intention. She kept the White Crane Shield and Nightmare Amethyst Ayrin and the others gave her before they left, “Belo, is your arcane level reaching the critical point?”

Belo nodded his head.

“Belo, do you know who we will encounter in the Eternal Winter Forest?” Moss asked.

“It’s possible.” Belo nodded.

Moss looked at him, “Who?”

“Someone that we cannot even escape from with our current strength.” Belo a...

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