Chapter 442: Psychic Style And Belo’s Strange Decision

Chapter 442: Psychic Style And Belo’s Strange Decision


“Speak up! Tell us the place that treasure is hidden, it better be along the way!” Ayrin also threatened.

Along the way?

Meraly’s expression further darkened. Who the heck are these Holy Dawn people? Isn’t that demand too much?

The three Crane Team arcane masters were teary-faced.

“It’s the inheritance of Psychic Style......” One of them spoke.

“Psychic Style? What’s that?” Ayrin and Stingham had never heard of the name and looked at each other in confusion.

“Impossible!” Meraly screamed, “Psychic Style has gone extinct long ago!”

Ayrin and Stingham immediately focused on her.

Meraly obediently explained, “Psychic Style is the strongest in the mental and subconsciousness field. It’s similar to my Banshee Soul Cleanse. However, the strongest factor of Psychic Style is that not only can it completely isolate the opponent’s mind and make the opponent unable to sense the outside world, it can also make the opponent fight in a...

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