Chapter 441: An Idiot’s Interrogation

Chapter 441: An Idiot’s Interrogation


“Wasn’t it the Holy Dawn Evil Six that took out the Maelstrom Team? Why is even the Academy team so strong?”

The attitude of Ayrin, Rinloran and Belo, as well as Meraly’s frustrated shout had completely enlightened the four Crane Team members.

It must have been a mistake due to experience, they hit a solid wall this time!


The thinnest member amongst the four, vice-captain Lulin immediately let out a quick howl. The air around him shook. The unique Crane arcane robe caught the wind and was about to fly up.


Dazzling flame suddenly surged before his eyes. The terrifying impact with the raging gale pressured him to the point that he could not breathe.

“White Sand Formation!”

Lulin’s was startled. Arcane particles flowed out from his hands with a speed surpassing the normal limits. Countless fine white sand danced before him.


However, at that moment, a ball of flame assaulted him from behind and ruthlessly slashed his...

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