Chapter 438: The Target To Surpass

Chapter 438: The Target To Surpass


Under the setting sun, the entire Eclipse Moon campsite became boisterous again.

The patrolling arcane teams had reported that the Holy Dawn Evil Six would arrive soon.

Almost every Eclipse Moon member stopped whatever they were doing and prepared to welcome Liszt’s group.

The Holy Dawn Evil Six already owned the title of the number one arcane team in the Kingdom of Eiche. However, it would not cause such a great commotion originally.

Right now, nobody would doubt the strength of the Holy Dawn Evil Six after they exterminated the Maelstrom Team.

There was only reverence.

A few silhouettes passed through the fog and appeared before everyone.

“Teacher Liszt!”

Ayrin shouted in excitement first.


However, Ayrin and the other Holy Dawn Academy team members were surprised in the next moment.

A familiar pink-haired figure appeared before them.

“Gh...... Ghost......”

Stingham was so scared that he caught his tongue.

“Ferguillo, you’re...

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