Chapter 437: The Dormant Deep Green Domain?

Chapter 437: The Dormant Deep Green Domain?


“This idiot is actually the legitimate prince of the Kingdom of Doa?”

Rinloran took a glance at Stingham, then at Meraly. He was speechless.

“Impossible! That’s definitely impossible!”

Meraly was also unable to accept the situation. She desperately shook her head, “The prince has yet to be born in the Kingdom of Doa. If he is the legitimate Green Dragon Prince, how can he be exiled!?”

“Could there be some palace coup d’état or conspiracy causing Stingham to be exiled?” Ayrin spoke. He felt that it was the most plausible explanation.

“That’s impossible. The Kingdom of Doa has been peaceful for the recent hundred years. King Haris has been ruling for over thirty years, there has been no coup d’état. Even if there is, they would only kill the prince straightaway and not just seal his memory in his subconsciousness.” Meraly had temporarily forgotten her objective of negotiating with the Eclipse Moon and explained.

“But it’s also possible that in order to protect him, they sealed his subconsciousness and memory and let a normal arcane master adopt him.” Moss mumbled.

“That’s right, this...

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