Chapter 436: Green Dragon Divine Temple’s Vision

Chapter 436: Green Dragon Divine Temple’s Vision


“What’s wrong?”

Ayrin and the others opened their eyes wide.

At that moment, many tiny dark green particles came out from Stingham’s body and disappeared into the air.


The plants around Stingham grew even more rapidly. Especially that green Demonic Foxvine that wrapped around the Golden Holy Armor, it twisted violently and grew out.

Crack crack crack......

In just one second, the cracked Golden Holy Armor was shredded into pieces by the roots of the Demonic Foxvine. Meanwhile, the Demonic Foxvine actually grew into a bewitching Forest Goddess of about five to six meters tall!

Six huge vines that looked like fox tails swept out from the back of that green Forest Goddess like a mantle, violently swarming towards Meraly.

Meraly retreated back again with astonishment.

“A vine actually became a goddess’s shape...... What kind of demonic skill is that!?”

Ayrin shouted.

“That’s right. What kind of demonic skill did you use, you flat-chest!?”...

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