Chapter 435: The Girl Escaping In Nude, Stingham’s Secret

Chapter 435: The Girl Escaping In Nude, Stingham’s Secret


“Sorry, your sword skill is very strong.”

Ayrin looked at the nick-riddled Golden Holy Sword and the scratch mark on the Golden Holy Armor and felt a little apologetic.

“Haha, use your Absolute Sword: Decapitating Strike again. Are you here for negotiation or for teaching Ayrin sword skills?” Stingham’s face distorted from laughter.

“Is his learning ability really so frightening that he can directly learn his opponent’s arcane skills during battle?” The Roland arcane masters turned pale.

“Meraly, do you know why Leyu and I made such a decision now?” Wurinlan looked at the depressed Meraly with a complicated gaze, “Because they are true monsters......”

“Not fighting anymore? Is this challenge over? Or is there another challenge?” At that moment, Ayrin spoke with anticipation.

Who the hell is this guy?

Battle maniac is written on his face. He isn’t coming for negotiation but to fight, right?

Seeing Ayrin holding his sword...

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