Chapter 433: The Beautiful Girl’s First Challenge

Chapter 433: The Beautiful Girl’s First Challenge



Meraly dazed out for a few seconds before understanding.

The beautiful blonde girl became speechless from anger.


Roland’s side was also taken aback.

That was a blatantly cheap provocation and humiliation.

“Sorry......” Belo still pushed up his spectacles as if nothing happened, then spoke in a natural tone, “I do not mean to humiliate you, it’s purely personal preference. I still prefer Megan’s type, those with big ones.”

“You......” Meraly, the beautiful blonde girl, almost lost her sanity from anger, and was about to rush up after unsheathing her sword.

A few Roland arcane masters hurriedly stopped her and persuaded, “Miss, calm down. If we really...... start the fight without any preparation here, we will be annihilated!”

“I will kill that guy even if we are annihilated!”

Meraly was enraged. Her body unconsciously stopped, but she still cursed out.


The air suddenly shook.

Every arcane master on Eclipse...

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