Chapter 432: The Humiliated Girl

Chapter 432: The Humiliated Girl



“That Le something or Wu something, who’s Meraly?” Stingham called out to Leyu and Wurinlan in a bossy tone.

“Miss Meraly, she......” Wurinlan and Leyu were taken aback, they started to tremble.

“Meraly is the daughter of Medy, the original House Roland Chief and the strongest arcane master of Roland.” The old shaman had a bad feeling. He immediately answered Stingham’s question in place of Wurinlan and Leyu, “I heard that she has the strongest bloodline of House Roland. In order to develop her strength, Medy sent her to the Golden Academy in the Kingdom of Doa. She should have completed her training and just returned...... Although Medy was dead, she still has great reputation and leadership in House Roland. The situation does not look good.”

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s run, we are all so tattered......” Stingham immediately changed his expression...

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