Chapter 431: Golden Girl

Chapter 431: Golden Girl


“Wurinlan and Leyu actually asked us to ally with House Eclipse Moon and fight House Baratheon together?”

“House Baratheon’s arcane teams have retreated. Why?”

“Is it because they are afraid of Holy Dawn’s Evil Six? Those guys don’t care about us at all!”


Within the conference hall of House Roland in the Banshee Queen Forest, it was a scene of chaos.

Originally, they already had a great advantage in the war against House Eclipse Moon. However, in just one day, the situation completely turned around.

“Young Miss has returned!”

Suddenly, a Roland arcane master rushed into the conference room and shouted in excitement.

“What? Young Miss has returned?”

Anyone who was still seated in the conference room immediately stood up.

In just a few seconds, a ball of dazzling gold light appeared at the entrance of the conference room.

There was a beautiful girl with snow white skin, similar face as Megan, but with golden long hair instead. She looked around sixteen to seventeen, about the same age as Ayrin’s group.

She looked young, but wore a pure gold set of majestic armor...

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