Chapter 430: News of Victory

Chapter 430: News of Victory


“Silver Dragon!”

“Impossible! It should have been vanquished for over a thousand years!”

“There’s no way the Silver Dragon bloodline exists. Even a domain like Ancient: Predecessor Domain can never gather the power of the Epic Silver Dragon!”

Rintucci and the others became hysterical.

The fact that the old professor of Holy Dawn Academy was a Draconic Scholar was already shocking. However, what’s even more shocking was that using the ancient Draconic skill like Ancient: Predecessor Domain required the caster to come into contact with the bloodline inheritor and preserve that aura in order to gather the power of the ancestor that had been lost in the river of history.

There had only been one Silver Dragon in the entire Doraster history.

It was the Epic Silver Dragon that cooperated with the Legendary Hero Issen to kill...

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