Chapter 429: Showdown Between The Trump Cards

Chapter 429: Showdown Between The Trump Cards


“Sacrificial Transfer! Ciaran actually knows this legendary forbidden skill!”

“Casting this arcane skill will sacrifice one arcane level forever!”

Rintucci’s team once again thought that Holy Dawn’s bunch were complete lunatics.

“Do you still not understand? We are different from you. Your only goal is to make yourselves stronger. However, we...... can sacrifice everything for our beliefs. What’s the big deal about just losing one arcane level?”

Ciaran looked at the astonished expression of Rintucci’s team. Her power was completely exhausted, extreme feebleness and fatigue assaulted her body. However, her face radiated an even brighter light.


Minlur’s body became a flame pillar once again. The instant the light pillars were shattered by the Elemental Sword, that flame pillar crashed into Rindy.


Rindy crossed his arms before his body...

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