Chapter 428: Holy Dawn’s Sixth Member!

Chapter 428: Holy Dawn’s Sixth Member!


“Shadow Dance: Shadow Sea!”

The three lord-level monsters summoned by Rinchenson were killed by Carter in one strike. However, he also showed a creepy smile instead.

His yellowish storm pupils suddenly became black.

The lower half of his body also became black, as if countless vicious black water flowed out from his feet. The bottomless black light rapidly radiated out from him.

In an instant, the plain everyone stood on became unreal, as if they were standing on some illusion.

Everyone stood on an absolutely smooth black surface. That blackness extended to the horizon.

Rinchenson’s figure silently disappeared.

“Endless Styx: Bind!”

Hell’s Emissary Rindy also showed a similar creepy smile. He just maintained the emission of his arcane particles to sustain that binding arcane skill and bound the Lich Dragon Carter transformed into within his river.


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