Chapter 427: Creepy Smile

Chapter 427: Creepy Smile



Before Liszt and the transparent silhouette spoke, a flame pillar smashed into Rintucci’s team at a speed surpassing the meteor.


The solid magma surface beneath their feet was shattered by the terrifying force.


Rintucci, Rindy and Rinchenson felt that the flame pillar was a person, and the target was Demonic Blade Rinbowen. However, that astonishing speed and timing did not allow them to intercept.

“He actually......”

The instant the power from that flame pillar shattered the solid magma, blade flashes shot out from Rinbowen’s skin despite him being unable to open his eyes due to the heat. The blade flashes made him look like a blade himself.

However, when those blade flashes hit the incoming person, they seemed to be blocked by the other party’s skin and could not cut through.

Who has such a monstrous arcane resistance!

Just as such a thought passed through Rinbowen’s mind, blood...

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