Chapter 426: First Battle, Forcing The Fifth Member Out

Chapter 426: First Battle, Forcing The Fifth Member Out


The instant those five silhouettes appeared, the countless withered grass fluttering in the air suddenly accelerated.

Horrifying screeching sound was produced by the friction between the drastically accelerated withered grass and air. Meanwhile, the withered grass was set ablaze due to friction, becoming countless trails of flame in the air as if apocalypse was approaching.


A unique domain power was created from the trails of flame. Countless fiery lines formed an enormous multi-sided crystal frame over a hundred meters tall and rapidly contracted inwards on the four Maelstrom Team members.

“Flame Entrapment Domain?”

Amongst the four Maelstrom Team members, Demon of Calamity Rinchenson sneered. Countless black dots flew out from his yellowish swirling pupils.

Four enraged giant-like green figures immediately manifested around the four.


Countless green...

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