Chapter 425: Showdown! Evil Six! Maelstrom!

Chapter 425: Showdown! Evil Six! Maelstrom!


“You do not need to let us off.” Wurinlan watched Stingham and the others, “I and Leyu can be your team’s hostages. If the Maelstrom Team is eliminated by you, we will surrender. If you couldn’t eliminate the Maelstrom Team, you can do whatever you want to us before all of you failed and died. We will die like the other warriors of House Roland.”

Ayrin and Chris looked at each other, thinking that the suggestion was not bad.

“But what about the dispute between House Roland and House Eclipse Moon?” Rinloran looked at Wurinlan, “The grudge between your houses cannot be resolved so easily. If we eliminated the Maelstrom Team, can you promise that the entire House Roland will surrender to us? How will you handle the relationship between your house and House Eclipse Moon?”

“House Eclipse Moon has been in danger of going extinct long ago. Their greatest enemy...

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