Chapter 424: How Should We Survive

Chapter 424: How Should We Survive


“Roland: Dedication!”

Seeing Lieufuzen nod, Fujen’s despaired expression turned pious and solemn instead.

The countless particles in his body seemed to be chanting at the same time, combining into a strangely sonorous voice.

“What’s that arcane skill!?”

“Watch out!”

Stingham almost stopped his breathing. He desperately waved at Belo, asking Belo to take shelter near him.


At the same time, Lotton’s body also shook.

A pale white shadow seemed to have flown out of his body. It crashed into Fujen before Wurinlan could intercept, as if it broke through time and space.

Countless pale white particles instantly enveloped Fujen.

Fujen’s flesh and blood rapidly vanished, revealing the bones within.

However, at that moment, innumerable purple flame sprouted from Fujen’s body.

Rinloran’s pupils instantly contracted.

Lieufuzen’s left eyepatch burned and became ash.

Beneath the eyepatch was a hollow eye socket.


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