Chapter 423: Blood Shadow’s Sorrow

Chapter 423: Blood Shadow’s Sorrow


A huge shadow suddenly loomed over Wurinlan.


Countless images appeared before Wurinlan’s eyes.

Images of her carefreely playing around when she was little; her first head hunting; the first time her teammate died......

More and more faces of arcane masters she killed appeared before her.

Countless grey torrents, which were actually transparent energy reflecting a grey hue, danced around her and surged towards her.

“What’s this arcane skill?”

“It actually draws Wurinlan’s mental strength to attack herself!”

Fujen turned even more pale.

“Divine Wind: Soul Protection!”

He chanted again.

Sixteen green light pillars shone around Wurinlan. Waves of unique mental power exorcised the grey mental power around Wurinlan.

“Flurry Blade Fog!”

Wurinlan covered herself with countless tiny transparent blades and flew back.


A mouthful of sticky blood rushed out from Fujen’s mouth.

As Blood Shadow Team’s formation...

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