Chapter 422: Learn And Apply

Chapter 422: Learn And Apply


“What a sharp gaze! What sword skill is he going to use next?”

Just as Leyu’s materialized skill was broken by Ayrin, Rinloran felt a fatal threat in his mind again.

Under such pressure, his concentration was highly focused and his body sensations completely surpassed the normal limits.

Lieufuzen’s expression completely calmed down.

It was a realm only top arcane masters possessed.

In Rinloran’s eyes, Lieufuzen was becoming a sword.

The most dangerous part was when an arcane master showed not a trace of hastiness and completely integrated into the arcane skill he used.

In Rinloran’s eyes, the air suddenly showed a pale wave.

The heightened senses allowed him to sense Lieufuzen’s movement beforehand.


The instant the sonic boom transmitted, Lieufuzen had already closed in. A dark red sword flash sharply thrusted towards Rinloran’s...

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