Chapter 421: I Slash, I Slash Again

Chapter 421: I Slash, I Slash Again


“Evil Dragon......”

Wurinlan was the first to feel the presence of Evil Dragon bloodline particles. However, right after that, she screamed in shock, “Vengeful Spirit form!”


Seeing the figure of Lotton appearing not far behind Fujen, Stingham cried out in relief.

Lotton’s lifeless appearance looked unbelievably cute in his eyes at that moment.

“Moss! How are you?”

Ayrin shouted out.

“Ayrin......” Moss replied after falling onto the ground, but he was too heavily injured to stand up.

“Damn it, hang on!”

Ayrin’s fighting spirit and rage became even fiercer.

Although Lotton had successfully ambushed Fujen and gravely injured him, Moss had suffered heavy damage to the point of not being able to get up.

He also understood that if it did not reach the point where they could not handle matters themselves, Lotton would not make a move even if he...

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