Chapter 420: Death God’s Ambush

Chapter 420: Death God’s Ambush


“Bastard! You just have to make a mistake at such a moment......”

“You still dare to use an immature technique against such an opponent......”

The rest of them were anxious.

If such a scene occurred during the tournament, they might laugh at Ayrin’s mistake. However, a careless mistake in the current situation could cause them to be annihilated.

“Wind Shackles.”

When Ayrin was blown away, vice-captain Fujen, who had remained still and looked relaxed chanted emotionlessly.

Several rope-like green wind suddenly appeared around Stingham.

Wind Shackles was just a normal wind type arcane skill. However, Fujen’s astonishing casting speed did not allow Stingham time to react.

As it was cast with Fujen’s arcane level, Stingham could not break free.

“Chris, watch out!”

Stingham furiously shouted.

In his True Sight, Wurinlan was weaving her invisible threads...

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