Chapter 419: Formation Destroyer Leyu

Chapter 419: Formation Destroyer Leyu


“He also turned into a giant?”

“Does he also have a Giant bloodline?”

Stingham exclaimed again.

Leyu had become a giant three to four times bigger than a normal person. However, different from Moss, Leyu’s skin was yellow, like hardened yellow crystals.

“That’s not Giant bloodline. He should have learned some secret skill which is similar to bloodline integration. He integrated the arcane power from the helmet on his head into his body.”

Rinloran hastily spoke, “That helmet should be some powerful arcane core.”

“A close-range combat type that isn’t affected by Domain of Time huh?”

Seeing Leyu who had become a yellow crystal giant, Ayrin immediately felt a bad premonition.

Leyu suddenly started a dash.

His violent footsteps hammered into the ground. Each step left a huge crater, waves of mud surged like waves. The ground tremored.

“What power!”

Ayrin’s eyelids twitched.


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