Chapter 416: Powerful Pursuers

Chapter 416: Powerful Pursuers


“What a powerful arcane energy fluctuation!”

“Why is there such powerful arcane energy fluctuation!?”

Several House Roland arcane masters dashing through the forest suddenly stopped. The clay doll-like artifact in the hand of one of them suddenly rang.

The Roland arcane masters with worsened expression searched around in four directions. In one of the directions, the clay doll-like artifact rang louder.

“It’s Emperor Evil Eye’s stronghold!”

“Could it be that the Holy Dawn Academy team went to Emperor Evil Eye’s stronghold right after killing Lord Dirat?”

The Roland arcane masters looked at one another in shock.


Pillars of flame immediately shot out from their hands into the sky.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!......

Many comet-like streaks of silhouettes flew to the entrance of the Evil Eye Cave.


“They actually......”

The moment they saw the Corpse Forest outside the Evil Eye Cave, they stood still and...

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