Chapter 414: Domain Of Stillness, Moment Of Crisis

Chapter 414: Domain Of Stillness, Moment Of Crisis


Rinloran’s expression was very grim.

Not because of fear, but he could clearly see that those corpses had a few obvious cut marks on their bodies.

Emperor Evil Eye not only sucked the blood of arcane masters, it also liked to eat fresh meat. Hence, those corpses were not withered because Emperor Evil Eye had sucked their blood dry, but they were cut open by Emperor Evil Eye to eat the flesh and then hung up the skin like drying clothes.

That unique hobby was extremely brutal and cruel.

“There should be many Eclipse Moon arcane masters here. If we kill it, we can avenge those arcane masters eaten by it!”

Burning fighting spirit and anger dwelled in Ayrin’s eyes.

“Emperor Evil Eye is more troublesome than the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon. We need to make a plan.” Chris spoke in a serious tone.

“When House Roland’s arcane team obtained captives, they will offer the captives to it. I heard that if they want to invite...

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