Chapter 413: Corpse Forest

Chapter 413: Corpse Forest


“What’s the matter?”

“Ayrin can actually absorb the materialized particles on this sword? Then wouldn’t this sword become his materialized sword?”

They saw the crimson gold longsword becoming smaller and smaller as Ayrin blasted it with his own arcane particles. Furthermore, the materialized sword particles clearly did not scatter. Everyone was taken aback.

It was a true dragon’s materialized weapon. The Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon at its peak strength should be equivalent to an arcane master with six gates opened. Such a materialized weapon...... it was definitely a weapon that only those legendary arcane masters during the Era of the War with Dragons could own.

“Ayrin, are you really a troll that eats anything!? You can even eat a sword like this?”

Stingham was enraged again, “All of you have gotten some loot. Even Ayrin can absorb this sword. It’s only me who got nothing!”

“Idiot, if you want, you can drag the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon away. You...

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