Chapter 412: Surprise Discovery!

Chapter 412: Surprise Discovery!


“Chris, you can integrate this Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon bloodline soon? We really slew a dragon...... it was so simple?”

Moss watched Chris and Belo casting their arcane skills. He still could not really believe that his team became a dragon slayer team.

Dragon slayer teams in history could all be called legendary teams.

“Simple huh?”

Belo, with a face full of crimson bronze blood tattoos, snorted and pointed to the back, “It’s you who’s simple. Look at them.”


Stingham and Ayrin were still embedded into the wall paralyzed.

He had never seen the two beaten up to that extent in his memory.

Especially Ayrin, cracks seemed to have appeared on his body, as if his body was going to shatter.

“Don’t touch them first. Getting embedded works as a splint, it will be easier to treat them!”

Moss’s first reaction was to dig Stingham and Ayrin out. However, Rinloran immediately blocked his path and stopped him.

“How are they?” Moss asked with worry.

“They have monstrous life force and recovery, so they should be fine. It’s just that after treating...

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