Chapter 411: Do Your Best

Chapter 411: Do Your Best



Stingham was blown away by the Crimson Gold Poisonous Dragon right after getting near.

“Come, hit me again!”


“Kill me if you can!”


“Come, let’s duel!”



Ayrin and the rest blanked out from the scene.

It seemed that they had to give the other party a chance to speak even if they were going to beat the other party up.

Stingham was clearly enraged by the beating. The scene became that of a duel between him and the dragon. He would rush back every time he was slapped away.

There had never been a case where a person could jump back so quickly after getting slammed into a putty on the wall.

“Are we a little cruel for just watching them?” Moss weakly asked.

“Oh yeah!”

Ayrin suddenly realized, but he soon shook his head with a serious expression, “Wait a little longer!”

Merlin, who had been standing next to Ayrin without taking any action, also nodded.

“Wait? What are we waiting for?” Moss could not understand.

“Stingham can jump back very quickly. It means he can still...

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