Chapter 410: Enraged Stingham

Chapter 410: Enraged Stingham


“So big......”

“Can we really penetrate those dragon scales?”

After rushing in behind Ayrin and the others, Moss’s gaze instantly froze.

It was an enormous being of over thirty meters long, a real dragon.

The scales on its body were like chunks of huge crimson bronze. However, a layer of pale-yellow arcane energy lingered on its surface, just like translucent flame.

Even the eyes, which were supposed to be the most fragile area, had four layers of eyelids. Apart from a layer of crimson bronze-like eyelid, the other three layers were transparent. They were like three layers of transparent gem shields.

The gales they felt were actually caused by the breathings of the dragon.

The dragon was still lying calmly now. However, along with its breathings, the arcane energy in the air before it continued to gather into floating arcane particles, releasing a terrifying aura.

“Belo, Chris, you two handle the Scythe-tailed Crimson Scorpions, we will handle his Crimson Gold Poisonous...

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