Chapter 408: Come, It's Dragon Slaying Time

Chapter 408: Come, It’s Dragon Slaying Time


“Oi, we are going to slay a dragon. This is an epic mission...... Won’t you give us some super powerful artifacts?”

“I don’t have any super powerful artifact. If I do, we won’t be constantly losing against House Roland and Baratheon.”

“That’s impossible. You have lived for such a long time, you must have collected many extraordinary things.”

“Even during the Magus Era, things like the Treasured Book of Sealing and Treasured Book of Time you have are also things that come by pure chance...... Those artifacts you carry are already the best ones......”


Stingham pestered the old shaman. The old shaman seemed to be unable to endure the pestering, he reluctantly took out a small blue crystal bottle and gave it to Stingham, “I only have this bottle of good stuff.”

“What good stuff is this?” Seeing that even the bottle was made of precious material, Stingham became excited.

“You just need to consume this...

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