Chapter 407: Not Leaving A Single One Out

Chapter 407: Not Leaving A Single One Out


“Haha, I know.” Stingham suddenly spoke with pride.

“What do you know?”

Ayrin and Rinloran looked at Stingham dubiously, the usually idiotic guy suddenly became smart?

“He must be joking. Don’t you find it funny to be able to cast Dark Destruction Dragon twice? Haha.” Stingham flung his hair and laughed.

“Idiot!” Rinloran felt fooled by Stingham.

Ayrin checked the old shaman’s expression, “You’re probably not joking.”

The old shaman nodded, “Of course I’m not joking.”

Ayrin heaved a sigh, “Then you’re really too old and has gone senile.”

“......” The old shaman almost collapsed.

“Oh right. You’re from the Magus Era, magi during that time always liked to act mysterious and scare people.” Stingham supplemented.

“You actually compare me to those fraud magi who deceive people using divination!” The old shaman almost got a heart attack from anger due to their rude comments. The purple grass on his head kept trembling. It took a while to calm down.

“Beneath the vast sky, amongst all creations, what is the most important? It’s balance.” The old shaman finally calmed down. He had well witnessed the peculiarity of the rumored new Evil Six group. He directly began his anecdote, “In a...

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