Chapter 406: Double Dark Destruction Dragon?

Chapter 406: Double Dark Destruction Dragon?


In a camp shrouded in thick fog, at least over a hundred beast bones of a human’s height were stabbed into the ground.

Sparkling light flowed along those beast bones. Apart from the unique gems embedded on them, unique arcane energy was also flowing inside.

Amongst the standing bones, platforms similarly made of beast bones scattered around. Many Eclipse Moon arcane masters stayed alert while sitting on them.

The thirty plus tents in the camp were all made of a unique plant. The plant was milky yellow in color. Three huge leaves hung downwards surrounding its pillar-like stem, making it a perfect natural tent.

Occasionally, roars of huge beasts and monsters came from the exterior of the camp site, along with heavy footsteps.

There were Eclipse Moon medical arcane masters scuttering around in the camp. Every natural tent had one to two heavily injured Eclipse Moon arcane masters. Some had terrifying injuries, such as half of the body getting punctured. Some arcane masters were using precious medicine and secret skill to heal the ...

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