Chapter 405: House Eclipse Moon’s Invitation

Chapter 405: House Eclipse Moon’s Invitation


Moss mindlessly watched Rinloran’s strike from afar.

So strong...... Moonlight Swordsman’s moonlight targeting talent with Thousand Storms Sword huh?

The Goat Horn Team member could not block that strike even after using his strongest secret skill.

Rinloran’s eyes seemed to have become like Ayrin’s...... The Rinloran in the past did not seem to have any major goal, did Redwin’s death...... cause him to set a goal he must reach?


The Undead Puppet was still spinning.

However, most of its muscles seemed to have been snapped. Merlin had already stopped attacking, so the Undead Puppet appeared to be a broken rope spinning with split ends.

“Oi, will you lick the foot of this great me?”

Belo walked to Singo and asked.

Singo watched Belo blankly. If he had a choice, he might have considered. However, as he had used the Undead Puppeteer’s secret skill, he could not move at all.

“Oh, not interested? Never mind then.”

With a snap, Belo swiftly twisted his neck.


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