Chapter 404: Rinloran’s Pierce

Chapter 404: Rinloran’s Pierce


“Even Moss has already defeated his opponent huh......”

Rinloran stared at Diaphano with an even colder gaze.

His body surface quickly gathered many tiny whitish transparent swords, as if he was clad in a layer of sword armor.

“Wow! Rinloran, is that the Thousand Storms Sword? You have tiny swords on your entire body. You look like a blademan!”

“Blademan......” Ayrin and Chris cringed at that description.

Diaphano looked even paler however.

Waves of pain came from the wound in his chest which was stabbed by the sword flash.

Thousand Storms Sword...... Where did that secret skill come from? Those tiny whitish transparent swords are all materialized swords and not some condensed arcane energy. He created that many materialized sword particles within his body, but how is he able to control all of them at the same time? And it’s to the extent of each tiny sword striking the sword before it, allowing the impact to stack up.

How can a single person control so many materialized swords in an instant!?

I absolutely cannot let his sword hit me. No defensive skill can block it and I will be penetrated through!

I must kill this talented...

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