Chapter 403: Determination For Victory

Chapter 403: Determination For Victory



The enormous semi-zombie monster was wrapped by the countless exploding water foams and wind currents. It was hard to tell if it could block Augusta’s full power attack yet.

Stingham’s left hand suddenly felt cold at that moment.

When he lowered his head to check, he saw a sneaky little paw was retracting back. Meanwhile, a black gem appeared in his hand.

“Gem of the Zombie Lord!”

Stingham shouted in excitement.


The enormous semi-zombie monster suddenly swayed and stepped backwards.

“It still can’t block it?”

“Zombification: Grafting Technique is one of the strongest necromancy skills during the Magus Era. This necromancy skill should be combining Ingit and that twin-head oceanic monster, as well as a portion of my power, yet it still can’t block that? The Baratheon’s elite team members are so strong......”

Ayrin had already moved to Rinloran’s front and cautiously watched the exchange. After the enormous semi-zombie monster got pushed back, the scenery before it...

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