Chapter 402: Finally, This Arcane Skill Can Be Used!

Chapter 402: Finally, This Arcane Skill Can Be Used!


It felt like an egg was stuck in its throat.

Everyone’s gaze turned stiff.

Yellow fluids suddenly seeped out from its throat.

Pieces of exoskeleton and flesh abruptly rotted and fell off.

Augusta’s hands uncontrollably trembled.

A rotten hole appeared on the oceanic monster’s throat.

Belo showed up from inside.

The blue-colored blood of the twin-head oceanic monster mysteriously lingered around him. The blood became droplets and slowly seeped into his skin.

“This guy’s beastman bloodline has actually evolved to this extent!”

Augusta had the worst possible expression.

Belo’s was able to not only evolve his blood into lethal poison or corrosives, he was also able to absorb and integrate the blood of other huge beasts and monsters. Every time he completed a cycle of absorption and integration, his power would grow and obtain a portion of the arcane power from the beast.

Obviously, the twin-head crystal spike shark Augusta...

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