Chapter 401: Huge Marine Monster Battle

Chapter 401: Huge Marine Monster Battle


“Look, Merlin is changing her arm for no reason!”

Stingham made a fuss.

“Our arcane skills are useless?”

Chris did not even see the huge monster in the sky, she was only focusing on the battle between her and the Undead Puppet.

All arcane skills shot towards the Undead Puppet were deflected by the yellowish wind gate opened by the pale-faced Undead Puppet.

“Stingham, let’s do close-range combat!”

Her figure became a blur and a full speed assault without pattern resumed.


Belo, who had been laying low, took a glance at the Merlin, then at the vague figure of the huge monster from the wind tunnel. Fanaticism and impulse finally took over his expression.

His body immediately showed a change. He ran on all fours like a bloodthirsty wolf.

“Close-range combat?”

Stingham was still looking at Merlin. Just spacing out for a moment caused him to fall behind over ten meters. Chris and Belo had already rushed to the Undead Puppet from left...

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