Chapter 400: Merlin Is Fighting

Chapter 400: Merlin Is Fighting


“Not good!”

The oldest Eclipse Moon arcane master unconsciously closed his eyes.

The charging formation of those from Holy Dawn were too poor compared to the Goat Horn Team. They were almost squeezing together.

That single huge wind blade cutting horizontally had managed to target all of them.

Such a powerful wind blade was truly something only an arcane master nearing six gates could cast. He might be able to block the wind blade before casting ‘Magnetic Moon Domain’, but he had no arcane particle left to spare now.

He could not bear to see the blood splash as those Holy Dawn bunch get bisected from the waist.


However, the moment he closed his eyes, he heard a heavy impact sound, but not the sound of cutting flesh.


As he opened his eyes, he saw Stingham standing before everyone. Stingham was like a pillar, blocking that huge wind blade.

The huge wind blade hit Stingham’s body,...

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