Chapter 399: Undead Puppeteer

Chapter 399: Undead Puppeteer



Augusta immediately realized the grave mistake he made.

Those brats seemed rash and inexperienced, but it totally changed during battle.

Furthermore, Stingham’s idiotic behavior also unconsciously affected their judgement and caused them to let down their guards!

Also, Ayrin’s group was really quick!

The shaking of the earth, the entanglement of the huge trees and vines, they all did not seem to affect Ayrin and Rinloran at all.

The dashing speed of the two were obviously a level faster than them.

The ground beneath Moss blasted away and he immediately caught up with Ayrin and Rinloran despite being the last.

As for the strange metal clockwork war avatar, it was extremely bizarre. She did not seem to use much arcane energy, but her agility was even better than Rinloran. Every action was well-practiced to the point of perfection. She always moved in the shortest and most accurate path behind Aryin.

What astonished them even more was that the metal...

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