Chapter 398: Surprisingly Close Teamwork

Chapter 398: Surprisingly Close Teamwork


“Already at five gates huh? The casting speed is so fast I can’t even react.”

Ayrin saw that the caster was from one of the two Goat Horn Team members who arrived later. He had a standard appearance of a Baratheon main house’s bloodline. A handsome oval face, magenta hair and yellowish pupils.

After sending Stingham flying, the arcane master with Baratheon main house’s bloodline moved his hands. Over ten crystal balls with transparent wings suddenly flew out. They flew up to the sky and circled around over a thousand meters, then returned to his hands.

“Heat sensing crystal fairy, it’s an item that could only be bought during the Era of the War with Dragons.” Chris remarked in surprise.

It was a woman’s nature to love cute things.

Those heat sensing crystal fairies not only acted as a great support item for the arcane master by detecting body heat released by arcane master in the surroundings,...

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