Chapter 396: Immediate Departure

Chapter 396: Immediate Departure


“Teacher Ciaran, Teacher Liszt, please persuade Rinloran. He hasn’t spoken a single word ever since returning from the arena, I’m worried that he may get sick.”

A heavy atmosphere loomed over the living quarters of the Holy Dawn Academy. Chris watched Rinloran who was sitting at a corner in silence with worry and asked the teachers that had just walked in.

“Say nothing more. Team assemble, we are setting off.”

Liszt took a glance at Rinloran, then informed the team.

“Setting off? Teacher Liszt, Teacher Ciaran, where are we going? Ayrin was surprised and asked.

“To the Hunting Forest of House Eclipse Moon and House Roland.”

Carter, Rui, Minlur also walked in, each carrying a military backpack. Carter answered for Liszt,...

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