Chapter 395: Maelstrom’s Pride

Chapter 395: Maelstrom’s Pride


“From today on, this fellow is our good friend, he is also our brother!”

“What’s with the politeness? We are brothers. If you keep acting so courteously towards me, I will get angry!”

“We found the place Thousand Storms Sword Rhodes used to train!”


“Here, the Thousand Storms Sword!”

“Haha, it’s found at the training place of Peerless Swordmaster Gideon in his late years!”

“It was in an underground cave. As it was flooded by water, it took great efforts to sort it out......”

“See that? My Brother Rinloran and his friends won!”

“You must properly learn the Thousand Storms Sword......”

Scenes after scenes of Redwin flashed across Rinloran’s mind, eventually stopping at Redwin spitting out blood and telling him that line.

Rinloran could...

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