Chapter 394: Blood Tears

Chapter 394: Blood Tears


“It seems like we really can’t continue. It was unexpected for the outcome to be settled in that match.”

In the Dragon Breath Academy team, the fifth contestant, Treyn helplessly looked at Audrey and the rest, “To counter his charge skill and Sacrificial Halo, I can only use my Rock Domain. But after using Rock Domain, I won’t have much arcane particles left. It’s impossible to fight Stingham next.”

“Use your Rock Domain and restrict his action, don’t let him get the chance to use Sacrificial Halo.” Audrey groaned for a moment, took a look at Ayrin and the others, then said, “They may have to fight against even stronger opponents next...... Since we already can’t win this tournament, we should not increase their injuries......”

“Alright. Let’s witness the birth of a new champion team, the miracle from St Lauren. Compared to us, those guys should be more inspiring......”

Treyn shrugged his shoulders like Morgan and entered the stage.

“Wahahaha......” Stingham suddenly...

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