Chapter 393: Inspirer

Chapter 393: Inspirer


“What’s happening?”

“Did Cuswoth’s arcane skill go out of control? But Cuswoth is blocking it for Rinloran!”

“Such sharpness! Cuswoth’s body will be chopped into pieces!”

When Cuswoth’s body was cut up by the black light and almost chopped into pieces, the audience finally realized the situation.

“It actually......”

The expressions of Liszt, Rui and the others on the stand immediately turned livid.

Ever since they received the warning from Ferguillo, they had suspected that the Maelstrom Team would make their move during the national tournament. Hence, apart from Carter who was stationed at the edge of the stage, the rest of them were surveilling from the stand.

It was obviously the effect of an interference forbidden skill!

However, none of them, including the patrolling teams from the Office of Special Affairs, had felt any special arcane energy fluctuation!

The medical teams at the side also looked extremely grievous.

Those experienced medical arcane masters could immediately diagnose that they could not save Cuswoth.


However, at that instant, Rinloran also became a silhouette of lig...

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