Chapter 392: Assassination, Descends!

Chapter 392: Assassination, Descends!


All noise gradually faded away, the entire arena eventually returned to silence, only heavy breathing echoed.

Due to the score being 2:2, every match thereafter was even more important.

“Compared to the Fallen Shadow Valley before, you look more confident and exudes stronger aura...... Normal tactics should not be a threat to you anymore. Since that’s the case, I have to use my trump cards just like Captain Morgan.”

Just as Leonardo announced the start of the match, such thought flashed across Cuswoth’s mind.

His entire face was suddenly shrouded in black light before anyone realized.

His facial features had all disappeared. The entire face became absolutely black, like a smooth black board, yet boundlessly deep!

It seemed that beyond his face, the internal of his body had become a world of black light!

“What’s the meaning of this?”

“Why did his face become black? Teacher Carter, what arcane skill is this?” Ayrin and Stingham...

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