Chapter 391: The Moment To Be Proud

Chapter 391: The Moment To Be Proud


Just as Audrey was dazing out, Chris disappeared from the spot.

She dashed towards Audrey with astounding speed!

It was a completely pattern less dash.

Her dashing path was not a straight line. There were many hops and rolls in her dash.

There was nothing between Audrey and her, but in her eyes, there seemed to be many invisible obstacles.

Audrey’s breath gradually hastened, sweat began to seep out from her palms.

She did not have enough arcane particles to cast another large area of effect arcane skill after casting the Eternal Winter Domain.

Furthermore, under the weakening effect, she was not confident enough to hit the advancing Chris with any pinpoint arcane skills.

Chris did not seem affected by the weakening at all!

Truly a god-like girl...... Did you endure the fatigue and trained at normal times also?

Audrey felt respect towards her once again.

“Since that’s the case...... I will...

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