Chapter 390: The Final Trump Card

Chapter 390: The Final Trump Card


“So, what now?”

“Is it a draw?”

“They both can’t fight for sure......”

Everyone on the stand pinched their noses and were lost for words.

Nobody could imagine the fight between Ayrin and Morgan to end up like that.

However, seeing the two entangled together and still vomiting, an indescribable emotion filled everyone.

No matter how bizarre, how comedic, Ayrin rendered Morgan unable to fight.

Ayrin was a first year of the Holy Dawn Academy, yet he had already caught up Morgan who was the strongest amongst all academies!

Be it Morgan or Ayrin, the multitude of arcane skills and domains used, their powerful physical strength and close-range combat, they were definitely at the level where most could not even react.

“So strong......”

It also made those teams which mocked Holy Dawn Academy team before the start of the national tournament more speechless.

Somebody started to applaud.

Then waves of applause swept across the entire stand.

It was a match with the strongest contestants and...

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