Chapter 389: A Double-Knockout Result

Chapter 389: A Double-Knockout Result



Ayrin was blasted away.

One of his eyes was also swollen, becoming a panda eye.


Morgan gloated. Before Ayrin could react, his other fist hit Ayrin’s other eye.

“Now both your eyes have become panda eyes. You shouldn’t be able to see clearly anymore...... Ah!”

Morgan spoke in complacent as his other fist connected with Ayrin’s other eye. However, at the same time, a black foot was becoming bigger and bigger in his sight.


Morgan’s other eye also took a fierce kick, he was also blasted away.

“Got you!”

After Ayrin managed to stand up with difficulty, he squinted his eyes and spoke, “I purposely did that just now. Did you think that I couldn’t even use a mutual sacrifice method!?”

“You’re so cunning!”

Morgan shouted in frustration.


Both Holy Dawn Academy and Dragon Breath Academy were speechless.

Both contestants in the match got swollen eyes. They both squinted hard but couldn’t clearly see their...

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